Budapest Hostels

Season Hostel 2
Season Hostel 2 in Budapest is of course a sister hostel to Season Hostel which is situated close to Buda Castle in the city. However, this hostel is on the Buda side of the river in the 2nd District but it does offer a number of similar things to its sister hostel. More Info

Season Hostel
Furthermore, there are a number of facilities also being offered to guests which should help to make sure that you have a comfortable stay there. They may offer basic accommodation, but it is clear that they do this to as high a standard as possible. More Info

Budapest Centrum Hostel
The Budapest Centrum Hostel is seen as being more orientated towards the youth side of the market which is partly shown by them having entertainment staff on hand. You will also notice that they have a tour desk where they can arrange various activities for their guests and the staff certainly know what they are doing and what is available in and around the city. More Info

Hostel Minoo House
The staff at Minoo House are also very well versed on the city in general and what is going on at any given time. They can point you in the direction of various things to do both during the day and in the evening and their knowledge is certainly going to be of use to you during your stay. More Info

Locomotive Hostel
The Locomotive Hostel in Budapest is a fun place that is relaxed and gives you quite a chilled and comfortable place to stay when visiting the city. It is very well positioned and is not too crowded even when every single bed is taken. Also, with family rooms available it does mean that there are various options available no matter what your needs so you are able to visit the city without it breaking the bank in the process. More Info